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Friday, February 22, 2013

Analytics changing the finance industry

Analytics changing the finance industry  $C $BAC $GS $MS

Big data and analytics are making huge waves across all industries; however, it is hard to compete with the speed of analytics in the financial market. With more and more data appearing every day, every minute, every second, companies rely not only on the organization and analysis of large quantities of data, but also on the speed at which it can be computed. The competitiveness in the industry is at the point where every instant matters and the transcendence of analytics is unheralded in the industry of finance.
Brett Vasconcellos, Director of Enterprise Architecture at BIDS Trading Technologies, knows how important financial analytics have become in the industry. BIDS Trading is a block trading company that helps institutional investors, including mutual funds and hedge funds, buy large numbers of shares at a time. Companies like BIDS Trading are able to securely process massive amounts of data at unbelievably fast speeds.
The sheer speed of it is difficult to fathom. Vasconcellos pointed out some interesting comparisons to help put this into perspective: “Options markets count over 20 billion messages per day. That exceeds daily Google searches, Facebook shares, and tweets through Twitter combined. NASDAQ boasts round-trip times of less than 100 microseconds. (A micro-second is one one-millionth of a second.) This means the round-trip times for NASDAQ are roughly 1000x faster than a Google search.” This makes NASDAQ look like a racecar and Google like a little red wagon.”

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