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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WE'RE HIRING: Trading Developer Chicago/NYC

Call or text 203-29-QUANT 203.297.8268 if you have any questions and are qualified for this role or others posted. Please speak clearly if leaving a voicemail, and let me know the role you are applying for and if you have sent a resume or not. You may call or text at any time. All discussions and messages are fully confidential... If QUALIFIED &AUTHORIZED FOR USA WORK, email resume QuantRec 

Goto for updates on jobs, bookmark it! 

You can fax in resume to 206-202-7703 as well. 

PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE your salary requirements (2010 base/bonus), location preferences, and for my notes where you have been interviewing or been submitted to in the past 6 months (as there are multiple opportunities if you are a solid techie). Must currently be in USA and be Green CARD/US CITIZEN/h1b with enough years left on visa (at least 3 years). 


Also include the best times to reach you over the near term. 

Candidates MEETING MOST OF the SPEC below will be contacted PROMPTLY. 
Work closely with a trading group in Asia to develop fast and elegant tools for high frequency, low latency trading systems. Because this group trades the Asian markets, you will be working 5:30 pm to 1 am.

If we asked around, what are you known for in terms of expertise in:

§ Types of systems?

§ Technologies?

· Got a recent instance where your technical contribution had a real impact on the organization?

Then more importantly, your Wish List

· What's the job you want? 2nd choice?

· Industry preference?

· Size/culture?

· Maximum commute radius?

· Least acceptable compensation?

· What specific companies in this area are you interested in?


· Why are you looking to leave?

· What aspects of your job would you change in order to stay?

· How soon can you start a new job?

· What about when you get a counter offer?

· What specific requirements do you have before accepting a new job?
This position involves developing and refining exchange connectivity to support high frequency, low latency trading applications connecting to Asian exchanges. To be successful, you will need a solid work ethic and a whatever-it-takes to get the job done attitude. You will also need the sincere desire to build best in class trading solutions as measured by software quality and P&L results.

* Develop algorithmic tools for traders.
* Build Exchange gateways.
* Develop creative solutions to pressing business needs.
* Solve all problems that come your way.


* Strong experience developing in C/C++.
* Strong experience with Linux and Linux System Internals.
* C++ frameworks, Compilers, performance analysis, performance optimization, TCP, UDP, multicast, high performance messaging, and multithreading.
* Experience implementing interfaces to one or more Asia based Exchanges.
* Strong analytical skills.
* Exceptional communication skills.
* A strong sense of ownership and a sense to succeed.
* Experienced in financial markets and applications, including market data feeds and APIs, order routing protocols and the complete front-to-back trading flow.
First let’s understand your market position

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