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Monday, August 13, 2012

Progressive Insurance - Scumbags? In Maryland: Progressive Insurance pays to Defend Her Killer In Court

Progressive Insurance - Scumbags? From Maryland: Progressive Insurance pays to Defend Insured Girl's Killer In Court


  1. What! Everyone who has a progressive insurance policy should cancel it. How low can they get.

  2. Yes, CANCEL YOUR PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE. Worst degenerate criminal lying diabolical FILTH I have dealt with in the insurance world in the last 28 years of having insurance. The claims adjusters, that is -- the customer service people are fine. But if you have a claim, they will lie and lie and refuse to listen to reason and babble insanities and then abuse you and then lie and lie some more, and then make innumerable mistakes (that happen to profit them). Some of the worst scumbags I've ever dealt with in my life.