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Friday, May 13, 2011

WE'RE HIRING: Junior Java, C# or C++ Developer Investment Bank/ NYC

Candidates MEETING MOST OF the SPEC below will be contacted PROMPTLY.
Also include the best times to reach you over the near term.
Candidates MEETING MOST OF the SPEC below will be contacted PROMPTLY.

If we asked around, what are you known for in terms of expertise in:
§ Types of systems?
§ Technologies?
· Got a recent instance where your technical contribution had a real impact on the organization?

Then more importantly, your Wish List
· What's the job you want? 2nd choice?
· Industry preference?
· Size/culture?
· Maximum commute radius?
· Least acceptable compensation?
· What specific companies in this area are you interested in?

· Why are you looking to leave?
· What aspects of your job would you change in order to stay?
· How soon can you start a new job?
· What about when you get a counter offer?
· What specific requirements do you have before accepting a new job?

Note:  This position is for deeply technical developer with either bachelors or masters in computer science who has strong computer science and programming fundamentals.  Looking for person with 1-5 years of experience.  Person will take on role which is 50% development and 50% IT support.  The support duties, will be technically challenging work in rich, complex IT environment.   After two years role will graduate to full time development. 

Position is in the infrastructure development team of a core trading system development team.  The group is in the front office, working on the premeir flagship trading platform for the firm.   At same time, this is the develompent team which focuses on infrastructure level code, eg: software for builds/deployments, software for source code control, reuseable api's for other development teams.  The end users for this team are other software development teams who focus on the actual trading software development used by traders.   This role is excellent for someone who would prefer to learn trading systems development from the ground up or someone who simply prefers to work on the deeper application and systems and O/S development challenges.   This environment is mostly a Java environment, but there is some C++ and C# and it's equal parts Windows and UNIX - person must have at least some experience with both OS platforms.    Person must have a computer science degree from good Comp Sci program.  

This is a hands-on role that requires strong debugging skills, technical testing capabilities and some coding / programming (primarily java). As such, this person will provide level 1 & 2 support of customized tools, infrastructure and environments for a large-scale, diverse (multiplatform/multi-language) agile software development lifecycle.
The users of the technology include business application developers and front office quants.
We anticipate the typical candidate staying in this role up to 2 years before moving onto a fulltime developer or technical tester role.

•Highly technical and passionate about software development (e.g. codes for fun)
•Flexible and adaptable; quick to embrace new ideas, designs, platforms, languages
•Debugging java
•Goal oriented, wants to get things done and make impact – no theoreticians
•Ability to recognize priorities and make/ follow through on deadlines
•Good team player, willing to help out, no superiority complex
•Deep in one or more programming languages (e.g. java, c++, c#) & platforms (i.e. windows, linux)

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