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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Front-End Flex Developer / Graphics Designer Flex or Silverlight/WPF Large Financial Company / NYC

Call/text 203-29-QUANT 203.297.8268 if you have any questions and are qualified for this role or others posted. Please speak clearly if leaving a voicemail, and let me know the role you are applying for and if you have sent a resume or not. You may call or text at any time. All discussions and messages are fully confidential... If QUALIFIED &AUTHORIZED FOR USA WORK, email resume QuantRec 

Goto for updates on jobs, bookmark it! 

You can fax in resume to 206-202-7703 as well. 

PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE your salary requirements (2010 base/bonus), location preferences, and for my notes where you have been interviewing or been submitted to in the past 6 months (as there are multiple opportunities if you are a solid techie). Must currently be in USA and be Green CARD/US CITIZEN/h1b with enough years left on visa (at least 3 years) 


Also include the best times to reach you over the near term. 

Candidates MEETING MOST OF the SPEC below will be contacted PROMPTLY. 

If we asked around, what are you known for in terms of expertise in: 

§ Types of systems? 

§ Technologies? 

· Got a recent instance where your technical contribution had a real impact on the organization? 

Then more importantly, your Wish List 

· What's the job you want? 2nd choice? 

· Industry preference? 

· Size/culture? 

· Maximum commute radius? 

· Least acceptable compensation? 

· What specific companies in this area are you interested in? 


· Why are you looking to leave? 

· What aspects of your job would you change in order to stay? 

· How soon can you start a new job? 

· What about when you get a counter offer? 

· What specific requirements do you have before accepting a new job? 

Contract to Hire Position (Start off as consultant / convert to full time employment down the road)

Notes to recruiters:
1) Position is for a front end developer who is proficient in either Flex or Silverlight/WPF AND also a graphics designer with Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash). 
2) Position may lean a little more towards front-end development, but person needs to be able to do basic graphics design work and should have a portfolio of design work. 
3) This UI Development team serves all businesses within the firm which translates to dozens of different businesses/clients/projects thus there will be a lot of variety of work.
4) Financial Services experience NOT required. 
5) Position is for someone who is proficient in Flex or WPF. The position does NOT require Java (which is typically asked by Flex developers). 
6) Person MUST have experience developing large, complex UI's with many (ideally tens or hundreds) of screens with lots of data which can dynamically update the applications as opposed to just being a static site. 

Job Spec:

Join an internal user experience consultancy, working on highly interactive applications for a leading Financial Services company. This is not a code monkey job, we’re looking for developer/ designer capable of producing well conceived, aesthically pleasing finished products. 

You will…
Advise clients on technology strategy
Collaboratively design the application
Develop AJAX, FLEX, Silverlight/WPF and Windows Presentation framework interfaces
Maintain a UI component library

You have…
*Passion about good design
*Experience with complex application design
*Completely comfortable with AJAX technologies, particularly EXT & Prototype
*Top notch Flex skills: AS3, Lightstreamer, etc
*Will develop skins/themes/css/xaml
*RIA Environment: Person must have experience developing complex front-ends for desktop and web including charting, graphing, forms etc.
*Knowledge or willingness to learn Windows Presentation Framework (for desktop applications)
*Minimum 3 years of experience working as a front end developer
Code & designs to show us

Would be great if you had…
Experience with interactive agency
Financial Services industry experience 
Good documentation skills

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