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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Open Letter To Linkedin (On Lack of Service/Standards for PAYING CUSTOMERS!)

Open Letter To Linkedin
Dear Linkedin Management:

For a company looking to be a 'leader' your firm certainly is not acting like a leader in online business networking. So many customers pay for your services, yet you offer no way of a customer who pays to call the main number at (650)687-3600 and voice their concerns or even to check the status of their account and see what is going on if there is a problem occurring. After having on-going concerns and issues that nobody can even talk about, I am cancelling my business account. I have been using your service for over 5 years now and really liked the features, however it is disrespecting your customers, your source of revenue and profits when we are told we must wait 3-7 business days for getting simple answers about our accounts. I will forward this letter to anyone I know using your service so they can voice any concerns they have. Just because your site is the biggest at what it does, does not mean people will keep paying for substandard service. If you have a credit card and you had an issue with something on your account, would a 3-7 business day response by email be acceptable? No of course not! So why should the tens of thousands of people paying for your site services accept any less?

"Neil Fromer • Since posted this has gotten around 300 hits, if anyone is experiencing the same stuff, feel free to comment!
1 day ago

Jim Wells • Neil, I agree with you that if there were a similar service, I would have switched to it long ago. My biggest gripes are the "surprise" changes in formatting & content, and the lack of oversight of group managers to police the postings to weed out sales pitches and nonsense. Thanks for having the testicular fortitude to post your letter. Please let us know if you even get a response fro LI. Jim
21 hours ago

Jim Jacobs • Is Plaxo any better. I offers the opportunity to merge calanders etc but I don't know about its group skills.
21 hours ago

Neil • It is not an issue of what is better necessarily, there are easy things linkedin can do: open up a higher standard of service especially for customers who pay that can call linkedin when they have a problem not have to wait 4-7 BUSINESS DAYS for a simple response. They have made themselves into a facebook like service with no phone real person interaction to cut costs, but this discourages quality over quantity and revenue for them when people cancel in frustration.
21 hours ago

Stuart Elson • Many things need to be fixed. The BB app is poor. When you "reply" to a question, LinkedIn defaults to adding the connection, in an unclear manner. It does not let you see who has viewed your profile in a clear and consistent manner, even if you pay for those features. Combining or removing dead accounts is a chore.
They need to get much better if they are truly a standard / public company.
2 hours ago

Jim Wells • Right on Stuart. Perhaps the most astounding failure is the absence of a comment or suggestion option. LinkedIn has access to the expertise of millions of professionals -- yet is unwilling to allow them to help the company improve. What's up with that????
16 minutes ago

Neil • I have noticed the same recurring issues with their ipad apps as well. I hope to present these issues collectively to the management sometimes after getting thousands of views of the initial letter, people using the site and paying like my firm has for a while will be able to bring the issues up - I know people that work there but they are not in the management team, but not too hard to bring these things up later on"

Shirley Katz • I have been trying for the past year to deleted past profiles (which i should have just updated) but because I don't have the password anymore I can't. I have been contacting LinkedIn for over a year and have not gotten any response. I don't understand - do they have people working there? Their lack of customer service is appalling.
13 days ago

Neil • I just realized something when looking up the management: many of them come from the teams at paypal and ebay - if neither of those have of any service, they are copying the money in, no service out model :)
13 days ago

Neil • Manoj, can you please explain what your comment means? :)
10 days ago

Jim Jacobs • Has a Linkedin forum monitor even bothered to read/respond?
10 days ago

Jim Wells • Likely too busy contemplating an IPO to worry about the feelings of users.
10 days ago

Jim Wells • Thanks. I see that the LinkedIn crew has made this more difficult than before.

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